Whole cleansing Mega body detox


Whole cleansing Mega body detox

Whole cleansing Mega body detox

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Whole cleansing Mega body detox

Whole Cleansing is an effective herbal cleansing & strengthening preparation, developed using 100% natural herbs, to prime our health and well being through cleansing and rejuvenating our organs, including our lungs, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, GI tract, muscles, skin etc as well as to help us to reduce weight.


Who Should Take Whole Cleansing ?

Whole Cleansing is an effective herbal formula. It does not only detoxify the GI tract, lungs, liver, gall bladder, blood, kidneys, skin, muscles etc, making it a more Wholesome Detox formula. Moreover, it helps to flatten the tummy and reduce weight and can be used to increase the effectiveness of other slimming and anti-aging programs.

The secret of Whole Cleansingʼs potency lies in the selection and usage of herbs species and their parts, elaborated processing and extraction method, active ingredients extracted as well as proper “stacking” of various herbs in the most potent combination and proportion.

Whole Cleansingʼs is a registered product. This means, it is regulated and approved by the Malaysia Ministry of Health and is manufactured by GMP compliance factory.


Whole Cleansing& Therepeautic Benefits

  • Cleanses, moisturizes and strengthens the gastro-intestinal tract, relieves constipation, prevents gastric ulcer, promotes micro-intestinal balance and reduces body odor & bad breath
  • Detoxifies the liver and gall bladder and promotes liver cell regeneration
  • Cleanses and strengthens the kidneys, lungs and the urinary system
  • Removes toxins from the skin and muscles and improves skin tone and complexion
  • Strengthens the immune system and reduce fatigue
  • Flatten the tummy and helps to reduce weight